Friday, June 12, 2015


well, I did it.
I 'smooshed'.
Until yesterday I had NO idea what in the world that was.
But thanks to a dear friend (you know who you are!), and a few YouTube videos (Laura Bassen, Kimberly Crawford), I was able to attempt to create a watercolor look that I have been eager to emulate!

Watercoloring is all the rage in the card making world right now, so of course it picqued my interest too.
My first attempts were, well..... pathetic. I had NO idea what I was doing. Therefore I HIGHLY recommend watching some videos from the stamping experts to teach you the ropes!!

Since learning of this technique just yesterday, I was super eager to give it a go. So, before work today, I gathered what minimal supplies I have, and gave it a whirl.
This is what I gathered:
I had tons of fun with the 'smooshing' process, and actually learned a lot! Unfortunately, since it was before work, I was pressed for time and didn't get to experiment as much as I wanted to, but I can't wait to play with this technique some more!!
Here is the result of my first attempt at 'smooshing'.... not the greatest, but I am eager to learn how to do it better!!

 If anyone has any tips/techniques to share or can direct me to any other tutorials, I'm all eyes/ears!!
Until next time...


  1. I feel you did an awesome job of smoothing. I'm learning too. Not quite there yet, it takes practice, which I'm doing a lot of.

  2. correct really sucks.... I typed out SMOOSHING .....and you got smoothing. Go figure. LOL!

  3. WHAT a great stamp and beautiful card!